Harness the Power of Your Authentic Passion!

Tap into Rich Confidence of Your Great Work!

And, Discover Your Life's True Calling!




Hi, Marsh Engle here  ...

The fact is, right now you may be missing out by overlooking, undervaluing, and poorly communicating the hidden power of your great work, talents, and strengths.

In this LIVE and IN PERSON session with me, you’ll be "stretched" and inspired as you begin to discover the exact actions and principles ~ both practical & spiritual ~ that I've used to help thousands identify their true calling, zero in on their greatest passions, and find ways to bring them to life as fast, energetically, and enthusiastically as possible.



Activate Higher Creativity and Intuitive Clarity!

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Savvy!

Engage the Principles of Feminine Success!

Inspire and Propel Your Achievement!

Spark Spontaneous Abundance!




I'm so inspired by the thought of spending time with you where I will give you proven methods to create movement in your career, expand your creative confidence, and make a massive difference by sharing your great work with the world!

During this LIVE and in-person event you'll learn ways to:

>>> Ensure that you are in alignment with the meaning of your work ~ your true calling ~ this will change the way you speak about your work and bring an unstoppable confidence to your actions.

>>> Find the secret reason you may be missing out in moving your career, your business, and your life forward as powerfully as you'd like to experience. 

>>> Learn about opportunities to collaborate with others to grow your confidence, your happiness and your success.

Plus, you are invited to bring any of your current projects, new ideas, programs, and products for my review. I will make recommendations that will accelerate your results!   


Register by April 5th and pay only $179.

Your registration fee includes all of the content and career coaching.

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APRIL 13TH in Montreal!

2015 Drummond Street •  Suite 910

Montreal, QC  H3A 1R7


Yes, Marsh!  Count me in for April 13th!

I understand I'm going to gain access to group coaching to accelerate my success during a LIVE and in-person session that's rich in content and superb connections with others.


  • When your REGISTER NOW you pay only: $179  
  • Program Time:  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.                                 
  • Registration includes content and coaching.

                 (Exact event location will be emailed to you upon registration)

When you register now you pay only $179!

The registration fee goes to $197 on April 6th.


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If you're seriously interested in this program and have some questions, please email me at or call our office at (818) 334-5343.


Be ready to accelerate creativity, connection, determination, resourcefulness, and results ~ and so, so much more!

It will be an absolute honor to serve you!



    About Marsh Engle

Since 2001 Marsh Engle Programs and Events have helped over 100,000 people identify their true calling, zero in on their greatest passions, and find ways to bring them to life as fast and enthusiastically as possible.

Creator of The Six Essentials™ Leadership Training and Feminine Success Certification Program, Marsh Engle is passionate about helping women identify their true calling, zero in on their greatest values and passions, and find ways to bring them to life in meaningful ways ― as fast, energetically, and enthusiastically as possible. An award-winning entrepreneur, her coaching, training programs, and LIVE events have been instrumental in the groundbreaking success of over 25,000 authors, life coaches, well-being experts, and small-business owners.

Marsh is a multi-published author of the Amazing Woman book & journal series and her upcoming release, The Six Essentials: Where Power, Passion & Purpose Connects™ 

Her uplifting message, engaging creative style and profound intuitive abilities have attracted the attention of leading entertainment studios such as Paramount, Children's Television Workshop, Universal Studios, Australia Broadcasting, and more. Acknowledged as a distinctive authority in the field of communications, Marsh has been nominated among the Power 100 Women in Entertainment and named among Who’s Who in American Women.   

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Meet Donna De Luca, Director of Global Team Development

Donna De Luca is on a mission to inspire people to live their highest potential and most passion-filled life. She is a global transformational leader, inspirational speaker, and show host, published author, and achievement coach.

First beginning her career in the financial corporate world, as a young mother, Donna boldly went back to school to pursue her own creative passions of interior design. Today she honors what she knows to be her true calling ~ helping others find passion and purpose in their careers, business, relationships, and life.

A firm believer that she is here to make a difference with her God-given gifts and talents. A humanitarian at heart, a keen intuitive, and a dedicated single mother, Donna has a passion that's contagious, a trademark smile that's infectious, and an enthusiastic spirit that awakens a true desire to thrive!

Donna De Luca is from Montreal, QC and may be contacted by emailing





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